Saturday, July 24, 2021

Cuba: Ice-picks and rum

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura talks about his latest novel, The Man Who Loved Dogs.
President Mujica has accepted a US proposal to accept Guantanamo detainees as refugees.
The Latin-London nine-piece band Wara have been making waves in the London gig and club scene over the past year, releasing their debut album Leave to Remain in July and embarking on their first UK tour earlier this year.
Former President Alvaro Uribe is critical of the current Colombian government's attempts to secure peace with the FARC guerrillas.

Cuba Support Group Ireland

Provide information about the Cuban Revolution and encourage people to visit Cuba to learn about the revolutionary process and the egalitarian society it had created.
Yoani Sánchez' tour of Brazil provokes a storm of Cold War polemic.
Major changes in Cuba's economy and labour market since 2010 threaten to reverse some of the gains made by women in recent years

The Other Side of Paradise

Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of the Caribbean, is a tragic demonstration of how climate change can affect a vulnerable region.
Recent economic reforms in Cuba could have political repercussions.
The author argues that the United Stated wants to replicate the 'Arab Spring' in Cuba.

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