Saturday, July 24, 2021
Wikileaks disclose the United States' ongoing cold war rhetoric when it comes to the Cuban question and their continued efforts to isolate this small Caribbean nation. However the tide is turning and increasingly countries refuse to follow the US lead.
As events in North Africa a UN official encourages Cuba to consider democratic reforms and the problem of structural racial discrimintation on the island.
Cuba and Venezuela must support Arab revolutions. Many on the left in Latin America have been horrified by the reluctance of Cuba and Venezuela to welcome the Arab revolutionary movements.
The absence of more open social policies and real citizen participation are some of the concerns being debated in the run-up to the Sixth Congress of the ruling Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in April.
Fifty years ago, an invasion of Cuba, sponsored by the CIA, failed and moved the island towards a socialist system.
LAB's Nick Caistor, who visited Cuba recently, analyses the changes expected in the island after the Communist Party Congress.
The author argues that the United Stated wants to replicate the 'Arab Spring' in Cuba.
Recent economic reforms in Cuba could have political repercussions.

The Other Side of Paradise

Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of the Caribbean, is a tragic demonstration of how climate change can affect a vulnerable region.
Major changes in Cuba's economy and labour market since 2010 threaten to reverse some of the gains made by women in recent years

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