Sunday, September 23, 2018
Rafael Correa of Ecuador is finding out the hard way what it means to oppose US interests in Latin America, argues Matt Kennard.
NGO Climate Parliament has a vacancy in Santiago
The oil giant wins a round in its long battle with the indigenous population over oil damages
Support for rural and indigenous women in Latin America affected by mining
An Ecuadorean court has upheld the ruling that Chevron must pay for the environmental damage it has caused, but reduced the amount by more than half.
Legal battles in the United States are obscuring the fact that communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon have received no compensation from Texaco/Chevron for environmental damage caused over 20 years.
The oil giant is using SLAPP litigation to stifle human rights advocates and, in Ecuador, to stall compensation claims for environmental damage caused by its operations in the Amazon.

Ecocide in Ecuador

The collapse of Yasuni Initiative has allowed pristine parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon to become vulnerable to oil exploration.
President Correa's cancellation of the fund to protect ... is a blow both to the environment and to people everywhere. It will do nothing to reduce poverty.
President Correa blames the international community's failure to compensate Ecuador for not extracting oil. His critics say he was never serious.

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