Friday, July 20, 2018
ALBA was Hugo Chávez' pet project. Will it survive him, and will Correa, Morales and the other leaders be able to carry out his vision?


LAB Editor Javier Farje, who was recently in Caracas, writes from Buenos Aires about Hugo Chávez and his legacy.
Electoral law reforms adopted in 2012 have changed how the press could cover the 2013 presidential campaign.
At last the question all too rarely asked about 'free' press: who owns it?
Ecuador's radical left will have to do some serious rethinking if they are to improve on their poor results in the February elections.
A conciliatory statement from an organisation which has fiercely criticised Correa in the past.
Is the newly re-elected President a closet neo-liberal and unrepentant fan of 'brown left' policies of extraction and accelerated development? Ecuador's left and indigenous movements are strongly critical but also anxious to develop positive alternatives.
In a wide-ranging interview Rafael Correa, now elected for a third term, speaks in detail of his strategy for combining economic progress with environmental responsibility.
David Dene, from Protect Ecuador, warns that, despite Correa's eco-friendly rhetoric, his insistence on pressing ahead with a big copper mining project will have a catastrophic impact on the Amazon river system.
On the eve of Ecuador's presidential elections, Grace Livingstone sends a special report for LAB from Quito with a fascinating insight into how ordinary Ecuadoreans view their leftwing president, Rafael Correa.

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