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BOOK REVIEW Chris Feliciano Arnold, The Third Bank of the River. New York: Picador 2018 This book has been classified as ‘travel-writing’, but it is much more than that. The author, Chris Feliciano Arnold, born in Brazil and adopted into a middle-class California family, tells the story of the Amazon river and its associated port-towns near the headwaters on the frontier...

Ecuador and Covid-19

This report was prepared for LAB by Linda Etchart, author of the chapter on Indigenous People's in LAB's Voices of Latin America. Linda is a lecturer in Human Geography at Kingston University, and author of the chapter ‘Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of Nature’ in LAB’s 2019 book Voices of Latin America. N.B. Figures for Covid-19...

Protect Ecuador

We are working to pressurize President Correa of Ecuador to uphold his Constitution signed in 2008, enshrining The Rights Of Nature, and the UN Rights of Indigenous People, to which Ecuador is a signatory.
NGO Climate Parliament has a vacancy in Santiago

Ecuador: Correa’s Dilemma

David Dene, from Protect Ecuador, warns that, despite Correa's eco-friendly rhetoric, his insistence on pressing ahead with a big copper mining project will have a catastrophic impact on the Amazon river system.
Cecilia Chérrez explores the contradictions of a government that claims to rule for the people but represses popular movements.
Una propuesta multi- e interdisciplinaria que conjuga las artes literarias y visuales contemporaneas en el Ecuador.
Social media outlets, such as Twitter and WhatsApp, played a major role in the protests that spread across the Americas in 2019. In Chile, hashtags raised awareness of the protests online and explained the reasons why Chileans were taking to the streets. #Chiledespertó (#Chilewokeup) and #ChileQuiereCambios (#ChileWantsChanges) were two commonly used examples. This also meant that users across Chile...
This article was prepared by the author on April 22 2020. While the counts of cases and deaths from Covid-19 have changed (see Postscript below and PlanV image), the main arguments remain valid and even more relevant. Statistics shown in images in this article may differ from those in the text, owing to different dates and ways of counting. Main image:...
Recent economic woes and increasing protests and strikes are calling into question President Rafael Correa's attempts to win popular support to run again for the presidency in 2017

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