On the eve of Ecuador's presidential elections, Grace Livingstone sends a special report for LAB from Quito with a fascinating insight into how ordinary Ecuadoreans view their leftwing president, Rafael Correa.
President Correa's cancellation of the fund to protect ... is a blow both to the environment and to people everywhere. It will do nothing to reduce poverty.
The oil giant wins a round in its long battle with the indigenous population over oil damages
This article was translated for LAB by Chloe Budd. You can read the original (in Spanish) here. Main image: Raya, an old Nahua. More than half of his village was destroyed after the land opened to oil exploration. Image: Survival International They...

Ecuador and Covid-19

This report was prepared for LAB by Linda Etchart, author of the chapter on Indigenous People's in LAB's Voices of Latin America. Linda is a lecturer in Human Geography at Kingston University, and author of the chapter ‘Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of Nature’ in LAB’s 2019 book Voices of Latin America.
Among the most sensitive indicators of global climate change, these glaciers have shrunk by at least 30% over the last 30 years. Paul Brown, from Climate News Network, reports.

The Rights of Nature

At the end of September, voters in Ecuador enthusiastically approved a referendum designed to consolidate power under leftist president Rafael Correa and to strategically shock the country's flagging economy.
National court upholds sentence against El Universo as its editor, Carlos Pérez, is granted asylum in Panama


LAB Editor Javier Farje, who was recently in Caracas, writes from Buenos Aires about Hugo Chávez and his legacy.
A new study of the ecological impact of the 150 dams planned across all six major river basins connecting the Andes to the Amazon, a huge area covering parts of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, raises serious concerns.

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