Protect Ecuador

We are working to pressurize President Correa of Ecuador to uphold his Constitution signed in 2008, enshrining The Rights Of Nature, and the UN Rights of Indigenous People, to which Ecuador is a signatory.
New studies of the Amazon show that protected areas represent 45% of the river basin, but in Brazil protected areas are under pressure.
The President of the Kichwa people of Rukullakta in Ecuador protests against Canadian oil company Ivanhoe Energy's plans for the Pungarayacu oil field.
An official march and a march of the social movements take each other on in Quito.
A new study of the ecological impact of the 150 dams planned across all six major river basins connecting the Andes to the Amazon, a huge area covering parts of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, raises serious concerns.
Mario Ramos looks at the Citizens' Revolution in Ecuador and US attempts to undermine it.

Amazon: Worrying times

Scientists working on a giant research project in the Amazon basin are reaching disturbing conclusions, including the prediction that by the end of this century the Amazon basin could be receivng 40 percent less rainfall and temperatures could have inc
National court upholds sentence against El Universo as its editor, Carlos Pérez, is granted asylum in Panama
A court in Ecuador has upheld a US$18bn award against Chevron for the deliberate contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon.  Even though the company will appeal, it is a landmark decision. 
Cecilia Chérrez explores the contradictions of a government that claims to rule for the people but represses popular movements.

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