Ecuador: why the coup failed

Effective social mobilisation, international solidarity and the courage of President Correa foiled the coup, says Atilio Boron.
Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, is attempting to defuse the police riots. IPS reports from Quito.
The leading indigenous organisation, CONAIE, has published an open letter in response to the crisis affecting the country.
 Huge pressure is being put put on Bolivia and Ecuador. John Vidal reports.

Bulletin 15 February 2010

Colombia: guerrilla attack candidate ♦ Uruguay: new parliament to start work ♦ Ecuador and China increase military cooperation ♦ Argentinean film wins prestigious award ♦ European Union speeds up controversial agreement with Cen
Rafael Correa is in trouble with those who put him in power. Roger Burbach explains the reasons

Bulletin 21 January 2010

Haiti: After the earthquake, the illnesses ♦ More US troops in Haiti but aid still vastly inadequate ♦ Blockade to avoid immigration ♦ Honduras: Agreement for Zelaya to leave the country ♦ Venezuela: Revolution until the year 34

Ecuador’s cunning plan

A plan to save the rainforest in Ecuador is getting atention from the world.  

The Rights of Nature

At the end of September, voters in Ecuador enthusiastically approved a referendum designed to consolidate power under leftist president Rafael Correa and to strategically shock the country's flagging economy.

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