Tuesday, October 24, 2017
On June 1, former guerrilla leader Salvador Sanchez Ceren was inaugurated as president.
LAB reviews a new novel about the country's civil war
A striking gallery of photographs taken during the recent presidential election campaign.
Washington is threatening to withhold aid unless he new government redoubles privatizations.
A majority of 6,364 votes will make FMLN President's task exceptionally difficult.
Against expectations the Presidential elections have produced a near tie, with Arena's Norman Quijano trailing the FMLN candidate, Sánchez Cerén by a mere 6,000 votes.
UK solidarity Group ESNET's take on the second round of presidential elections.
Latin America still has the highest rate of crime in the world. Drug traffic, corruption and the United States have all played a vital role in this drama.
Signs that the new Pope has revived the spirit of Vatican II and rehabilitated parts of Liberation Theology -- so important in Latin America.
A video prepared by a UK support group shows how ALBA is supporting farm co-operatives.

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