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El Salvador

El Salvador: reconciliation or impunity?

El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly is expected to vote soon on a controversial new 'Special Law of Transitional and Restorative Justice for National Reconciliation'. Despite...

El Salvador: the world’s worst place to have an abortion

Ben Zand investigates the controversial case of Evelyn Hernandez, a Salvadoran teenager raped by a gang member and then jailed for 30 years...

El Salvador: from miscarriage to murder

Abortion law in El Salvador recognises no distinction between intentional abortion and unintentional miscarriage, applying jail sentences to both. SBS Dateline investigates...

Voices of Latin America – social movements and the new activism

This is a book of many voices (more than 70 of them, from 14 different countries) which testify to an extremely sensitive and uncertain moment in the history of Latin America. 

To end Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

In November-December 2018 Christian Aid promoted a Month of Awareness of Gender Based Violence, working with its partners in the region, around the International...

Inequality & LGBTI rights

Latin America and the Caribbean is a place of paradoxes. The region is usually depicted as relaxed, diverse, happy and open. But unfortunately, it...

El Salvador: first anniversary of the mining ban

On March 29th, 2017, the small country of El Salvador became the first nation in the world to exercise its sovereign right to say...

Haiti is no shithole

This post was published by Haiti Support Group. You can read the original here 12th January 2018: Today marks eight years after the Léogâne Earthquake...

Save TPS for Central Americans and Haitians!

This article was first published by UpsideDownWorld. You can see the original here. Header image: Over 400,000 people from 13 different countries including El Salvador,...

Protest art in Latin America + news from LAB. November 2017

Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, Protest art in Latin America Louise Morris, a member of LAB’s Editorial Team who travelled to Central America for us at...

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