Sunday, March 18, 2018
Threatened by local gangs, children in El Salvador are fleeing to the United States
The US Embassy has dropped a pre-condition for aid requiring use of GM seed.
Across Mexico and Central America cell-phones bring benefits and some dangers, especially for women.
A new blog describing Nueva Esperanza, a rural community in Bajo Lempa, Usulután, El Salvador
On June 1, former guerrilla leader Salvador Sanchez Ceren was inaugurated as president.
LAB reviews a new novel about the country's civil war
A striking gallery of photographs taken during the recent presidential election campaign.
Washington is threatening to withhold aid unless he new government redoubles privatizations.
A majority of 6,364 votes will make FMLN President's task exceptionally difficult.
Against expectations the Presidential elections have produced a near tie, with Arena's Norman Quijano trailing the FMLN candidate, Sánchez Cerén by a mere 6,000 votes.

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