We are a group of PhD students from different universities and nationalities across the globe conducting research related to organised crime, security and policing with a focus on Latin America.
A new edition of Faces of Latin America, a vital source of information on Latin America, has been published.
The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) is a Title VI National Resource Center in consortium with the University of Chicago Center for Latin American Studies funded by the U.S. Department of Education.
An interactive map of major mine projects by Environmental Campaign for Central America (ENCA)
The principal mediator between the 'maras' armed gangs and the Salvadorean government is interviewed
Mayors from 11 municipalities in the capital of El Salvador are focussing on improving public spaces within their districts in an effort to lower the crime rate.
An unusually violent hurricane ravaged their community but women are rebuilding their lives with sewing machines and eggs.
Young musicians and bands in rural El Salvador are supported by UK-based Music for Hope
Salvadorean President Mauricio Funes has promised support and incentives for small-scale localised food production in an implicit criticism of the neo-liberal model.
Gang violence expert Sonja Wolf expresses doubts about current short-term fix approaches to drug trafficking in Central America—both government plans to negotiate with the maras in El Salvador and the fully militarised onslaught in Mexico.

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