This is a book of many voices (more than 70 of them, from 14 different countries): of anthropologists and archaeologists; urban planners and architects; artists and musicians; journalists and politicians; women and LGBT people trying to halt gender-based oppression and violence; indigenous activists fighting oil drilling on their territory; residents of favelas resisting evictions; students staking their claim to...
Not only Nicaragua, but Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica are all promoting 'wet' or 'dry' canal projects to join the two oceans. Chinese money is backing all of them.
Photojournalist Cristina Chiquín talks about women's rights and the trial of former general Rios Montt in the second of Silvia Rothlisberger's interviews with activists in Latin America.
Actividades de Incidencia política, local y nacional, a favor de los Derechos Sexuales, Derechos Reproductivos, No Violencia contra las mujeres, Cultura sin sexismo, sin racismo, sin violencia, feminismo.
Over 600 women were murdered in 2012, with an increase in the number of young girls killed. Marilyn Thomson, from CAWN, looks at what is being done to tackle this horrific problem.
As Guatemala fails to control the violence within it's borders Edward Fischer discusses the structure of the modern Narco-State.
Maya and Garifuna communities are resisting over-zealous national park regulation and encroaching oil exploration
Immigration is contentious both in US internal politics and in its relations with Mexico. Soon, however, US demand for labour may outstrip the supply of immigrants.
President Pérez Molina is a leading opponent of the indiscriminate use of force to thwart the illegal drugs trade. Now he is pressing for the UN to adopt a complete change of strategy.
This article was first published by UpsideDownWorld. You can see the original here. Header image: Guatemalan feminist hip hop artist Rebeca Lane. Source: Courtesy / Cynthia Vance "Who knows what March 8 is?"Rebeca Lane is half-way through her hip hop show and the question seems almost trite after 30 minutes of singing about reclaiming identity and feminism.  Everyone looks around; it’s...

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