Bulletin 25 January 2010

Haiti: relief operations criticised ♦ Women are still dying in Haiti ♦ Dominican Republic praised for emergency help ♦ Venezuela: closure of TV stations causes unrest ♦ Brazil: Real set to get strong again ♦ Chile: water i

Bulletin 27 January 2010

Guatemala: former president arrested ♦ Venezuela: Chávez appoints new vice-president amid street protests ♦ Haiti: survivor found under rubble after rescue operations are suspended ♦ Peru coffee exports growing fast ♦ More deman

Emerging Out of the Fog

 Nathalie Mercier has been working as a human rights observer in Guatemala, as the country grapples with its history of 45,000 'disappeared'.


Chile: Government gets tough with looters in the middle of the chaos – Terrestrial communications restored – the earthquake tests progress ♦ Guatemala: drug traffic reaches the head of police ♦ Brazil: sugar cane production due
Guatemala: Squeezed between Crime and Impunity. A new report by International Crisis Group says that In Guatemala, crime has replaced political violence.
The author argues that a new "development" project in the region will lead to abuses and poverty.
Indigenous people mobilize to protect their land rights in Guatemala whilst the government fights to protect the interests of international investment.
Weeks of heavy rain have caused landslides to hit numerous towns in Guatemala leaving death and destruction in their wake.
Hannah Richards discusses the impact of the taxation structure on health, education and nutrition.
Trade Unionist murdered in Guatemala acts as a reminder of the dangers faced by union representatives.

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