Indigenous people mobilize to protect their land rights in Guatemala whilst the government fights to protect the interests of international investment.
Guatemala: Squeezed between Crime and Impunity. A new report by International Crisis Group says that In Guatemala, crime has replaced political violence.
The author argues that a new "development" project in the region will lead to abuses and poverty.


Chile: Government gets tough with looters in the middle of the chaos – Terrestrial communications restored – the earthquake tests progress ♦ Guatemala: drug traffic reaches the head of police ♦ Brazil: sugar cane production due

Emerging Out of the Fog

 Nathalie Mercier has been working as a human rights observer in Guatemala, as the country grapples with its history of 45,000 'disappeared'.

Bulletin 27 January 2010

Guatemala: former president arrested ♦ Venezuela: Chávez appoints new vice-president amid street protests ♦ Haiti: survivor found under rubble after rescue operations are suspended ♦ Peru coffee exports growing fast ♦ More deman

Bulletin 25 January 2010

Haiti: relief operations criticised ♦ Women are still dying in Haiti ♦ Dominican Republic praised for emergency help ♦ Venezuela: closure of TV stations causes unrest ♦ Brazil: Real set to get strong again ♦ Chile: water i
Peasants are suffering the effects of a land grab, stimulated by governments, anxious about their food security, and by multinationals, keen to cash in on agrofuels (In English and French).

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