Saturday, October 21, 2017
Two indigenous leaders from Huehuetenango are detained for protesting against hydro-electric projects that threaten their communities.
Suspension of the retrial of Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt has dashed hopes of justice and underlined the need for a radical shake-up of the judiciary.
Warnings about the human and environmental costs of 'free trade' went unheeded. Now the most vulnerable Central Americans are paying the price.
Civil society organisations in Central America, one of the regions most affected by climate change, are calling on their governments to defend the interests of peasant families in the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Lima.
A series of powerful images portray the return to the families of victims "disappeared" during the brutal repression of the early 1980s and now forensically identified.
Across Mexico and Central America cell-phones bring benefits and some dangers, especially for women.
Immigration is contentious both in US internal politics and in its relations with Mexico. Soon, however, US demand for labour may outstrip the supply of immigrants.
President Pérez Molina is a leading opponent of the indiscriminate use of force to thwart the illegal drugs trade. Now he is pressing for the UN to adopt a complete change of strategy.
Support for rural and indigenous women in Latin America affected by mining
Latin America still has the highest rate of crime in the world. Drug traffic, corruption and the United States have all played a vital role in this drama.

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