Amnesty International has called for Guatemalan officers, accused of extrajudicial executions, to be brought to trial. This follows the arrest this week of a former official in Switzerland.
As many in Guatemala still fight against the impunity offered to alleged war criminals, Feffer looks back at the civil war and draws comparisons with modern day Latin America.
Amnesty International reports on the importance of prosecution of officials charged with extra-judicial killings, to bring an end to impunity in Guatemala.
Weak, regressive tax regimes lead to poverty and government underfunding fails to redress the balance. Christian Aid reports.
As Guatemala fails to control the violence within it's borders Edward Fischer discusses the structure of the modern Narco-State.
Controversy is sparked amid premature election campaigns for next year's presidential elections in Guatemala.
Peasants are suffering the effects of a land grab, stimulated by governments, anxious about their food security, and by multinationals, keen to cash in on agrofuels (In English and French).
Violence affects those who take the bus, walk down the street talking on a cellphone and those taking the car in the best areas. No one is immune. (In Spanish / en espanol)
As drug related violence increases in Mexico, Guatemalan authorities try to curb the problems spilling over into the state.
As a state of siege in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, continues, due to the problems with drug gangs operating there; Annie Bird analyses the long term involvement of organised crime in the Guatemalan state.

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