As Guatemala enters an election year Barbara Schieber gives a run down of the canditates and pitfalls of this years process.
GUATEMALA: Caught in the crossfire. As the drug related violence in Mexico spills over the border into Guatemala Michael Deibert discusses the implications for residents and the weak rule of law.
In the remote Mayan Qeqchi [kek-chi] community of Lote 8, high in the mountains on the north side of Lake Izabal, eastern Guatemala, we stand in thick brush, in the empty space where the home of Amelia Cac Tiul used to be.
President Colom initiated Martial Law in Alta Verapaz in December in order to control the drugs violence between cartels in the area.
The following article, published by El Pais from Spain, reports on  a seminar organised by the Carlos III University in Madrid between 15-16 February, at which a group of specialists discussed the problem of gender violence in Latin America.
The reach of the Mexican drug-trafficking group is extending south. It will take more than an iron fist policy to stop it.
A prominent member of the Guatemalan left believes that his country is the victim of a neo-colonial offensive.
Eviction of indigenous community in Guatemala.
The latest Wikileaks cables on Latin America, 24 July - 21 August 2011
The International Crisis Group has published a damning report on the bloody presence of Mexican drug cartels in Guatemala.

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