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Bulletin 13 December 2010

Haiti: Earthquake destroys capital and hundreds die ♦ Chile: candidates take part in last debate before elections ♦ Argentina: Investors may leave if crisis continues ♦ Uruguay fights climate change  

Bulletin 14 december 2010

Haiti: survivors sleep among the dead ♦ Aid arrives ♦ Poverty helped the tragedy ♦ Reconstruction support promised

Carta Abierta por Haití

 A Colombian academic sends the world an open letter for Haiti (Spanish)

Bulletin 15 January 2010

Haiti: Despair turns into anger for lack of help ♦ Long term plan to solve Haitian crisis ♦ No deportation from US for "illegal" Haitians ♦ Chile: Government coalition “ready for defeat”
The author argues that all aid should go straight to the communities who need it.

Bulletin 18 January 2010

 Haiti: ONU asks Haitians to “be patient” ♦ Open air cabinet meeting ♦ Some return to "normality” in the middle of the chaos ♦ Hugo Chávez: The US controls Haiti ♦ Chile: Right wins presidential election

Bulletin 19 January 2010

Haiti: The US takes control of Port-au-Prince ♦ Reconstruction plans ♦ Chile: new president to continue current policies ♦ Venezuela: government does not rule out more expropriations ♦ Bolivia denies responsibility for failure o
In a characteristically biting commentary, Eduardo Galeano blames the USA for Haiti's inability to deal with the current crisis. In Spanish.

Bulletin 20 January 2010

Haiti: US control distribution of emergency aid ♦ People flee Port-au-Prince ♦ Private security instead of police, with death penalty included ♦ Mexico: Drug cartel “auditor” arrested ♦ Brazil: tax on foreign purch

Bulletin 21 January 2010

Haiti: After the earthquake, the illnesses ♦ More US troops in Haiti but aid still vastly inadequate ♦ Blockade to avoid immigration ♦ Honduras: Agreement for Zelaya to leave the country ♦ Venezuela: Revolution until the year 34

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