Haiti: No sweat

The Caracol Industrial park, intended as the flagship post-earthquake development project, has been little short of a disaster.
Human rights advocates are receiving frequent and credible threats of assassination from associates of ex-Dictator Jean-Cluade Duvalier.
Haiti is the only country in the world where provision of sanitation decreased in the last decade: cholera will remain endemic for many years.

The Other Side of Paradise

Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of the Caribbean, is a tragic demonstration of how climate change can affect a vulnerable region.
In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, millions of dollars have been spent on ambitious rebuilding projects for the capital Port-au-Prince that appear to have come to nothing.
Claudia Pompa describes the mission of microfinance institute, Esperanza Internacional.


Food aid is clearly working against what aid agencies are hoping to accomplish.
The author visits an inspiring reforestation project in Haiti.
The UN refuses to take responsibility for causing the cholera epidemic in Haiti, which so far has claimed 7,000 lives.
Since Michel Martelly took over as president last May, the country has been in a state of almost complete paralysis. The uncertainty increased recently, says Nick Caistor from LAB, with rumours of an imminent coup.

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