Friday, December 15, 2017
James Watson took part in the largest demonstration in Honduras in recent history. This is his account.
James Watson spends a night with the hunger-strikers, as the police reacts more aggressively to the continued mass mobilisation.
In his second blog from Honduras, James Watson tells the story of the amazing emergence of the protest movement in Tegucigalpa.
In the first of a series of posts, James Watson describes the work of COPINH to protect their land and the environment.
Washington continues to interfere in the internal politics of Honduras six years after the coup.
In Honduras, the World Bank has funded a known coup-backer, murderer, and narcotrafficker, while escalating a decades-long land conflict and undermining local food security.
Legan Rooster is a prolific self-taught artist based in Tegucigalpa whose vivid images reflect his perception of Honduras' chaos, injustices, and oppression.
Civil society organisations in Central America, one of the regions most affected by climate change, are calling on their governments to defend the interests of peasant families in the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Lima.
By backing corrupt governments in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, the USA has helped create the current exodus of large numbers of migrant children, argues Diego Cupolo.
Immigration is contentious both in US internal politics and in its relations with Mexico. Soon, however, US demand for labour may outstrip the supply of immigrants.

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