Elva Narcia is the founder of glifoscomunicaciones.org, one of LAB’s partners in Mexico. The article was translated from Spanish by Nick Caistor The Tren Maya is a top priority for Mexico’s new president Andres Manuel López Obrador. The 1500 kilometre line aims to link five states in the poor south-east to boost tourism and local industry, but has immediately become...
The Americas were shaped by migration, mostly from Europe. Now Asians and Africans are arriving, and there is desperate intra-continental movement in search of work. But the old welcomes are wearing out. This article was written for the 'Outside In' blog of Le Monde Diplomatique by Gustavo Fuchs and is reproduced here by kind permission of the...
Government action is failing lamentably to protect Mexican women from a wave of violence and femicide.
This is a book of many voices (more than 70 of them, from 14 different countries) which testify to an extremely sensitive and uncertain moment in the history of Latin America. 
It is estimated that half a million young women in Latin America and the Caribbean are lured into sexual abuse, with social media playing a key role.
The BBC recently depicted Mexico as one of the next generation of economic superpowers. Mexican sociologist Luis Vazquez expresses a certain scepticism.
The disappearance of 43 student teachers at Ayotzinapa has brought the issue of 'memoria' to the fore. Relatives do not want monuments. "You took them away alive, we want them back alive", they say.
The Mexican economy has been divided into gated enclaves where the rich conceal their assets and those on lower incomes become invisible.
Javier Farje from LAB analyses Mexico's failed war on the cartels
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn may be the first leading British politician since Judith Hart in the 1970s to have detailed knowledge of the region and sympathy for its struggles. In this exclusive interview for LAB, Matt Kennard probes Corbyn’s views on Mexico, Brazil and other countries and his 40-year commitment to human rights and social progress in Chile. Jeremy...

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