This article was first published by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, a LAB partner. You can see the original here. Header image: Mexico City Source: Wikimedia The first month of 2018 has been a dismal one for Mexico: more than 200 murders in the first two weeks, continuing the surge of bloodshed that intensified throughout last year. This crisis of public...
Main Image: COHA Mexico’s next presidential election is not due until July 2018, but by mid-December this year the contest has already come to life. The ruling PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) named its pre- candidate early in the month – although he will not be officially selected until 18 February 2018. This is because their choice, current Finance Minister José Antonio...
Pretty Faces, Grisly Interests This article was published on the website of Canadian progressive magazine Briarpatch. LAB has added titles and images. Main image: Banner at peaceful protest near Escobal mine. Guatemala’s Constitution states that resistance is legitimate when done to protect and defend human rights. Photo: Sandra Cuffe/MiningWatch Canada Though Mexico was a punching bag throughout Donald Trump’s successful campaign...
If the immigration agenda of Donald Trump and his administration is not enough of a racist assault on the human rights of Mexicans, the overall impact of this demagogue’s agenda on the economy of its long-suffering southern neighbour adds insult to injury. The immediate effect of Trump’s victory and first 100 days in power has been to weaken an already...
A newly published collection of articles by leading Mexican journalists details the extent of impunity and corruption that pervades all aspects of life in Mexico today. LAB editor Nick Caistor, a contributor to the anthology, outlines its indictments.

Temer out!

Demonstrations against Brazil's new President, Michel Temer, widely regarded as a usurper, are taking place in many cities and towns.
Brazilian environmental agency rejects Tapajós River mega-dam, citing likely major impacts on indigenous people and on the environment. It is a remarkable victory for the Munduruku Indians.
Artist Alfredo López Casanova inscribes the names of the missing relatives into the soles of the shoes of their surviving relatives
Relatives of the victims are threatening to break off all talks with the government, for failing to clarify what happened to their loved ones.
International drug policies reflect a bias towards the global north, with damaging consequences for the south.

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