Thursday, March 21, 2019
President Pena Nieto's PRI government is increasingly accused of offering few answers to the many problems facing Mexico.
Recent elections in the Mexican state of Chiapas have seen historic advances by women candidates determined to make the new electoral law on gender parity a meaningful reality
CASA's eighth Latin American Theatre Festival has just finished. Ella Jessel interviews Daniel Goldmann, Artistic Director of Casa 2015.
A Rio-based theatre company brings to London a brave and unique play.
CASA's eighth Latin American Theatre Festival gets under way with Mexican plays from the Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol theatre group and the Colectivo Alebrije.
Half an hour's drive south of Mexico City, the ecovillage of Huehuecoyotl has become a seedbed for visionary and transformative projects.
Renowned Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska reflects on the current situation in Mexico, eight months on from the disappearance of 43 student teachers in Ayoztinapa in the state of Guerrero, and the sacking of a prominent journalist.
The murder of students and the closure of several university campuses in recent months shows how drugs-related violence is a serious threat to Mexico's educational system.
How the media use Venezuela links to attack the left, in Spain, Peru and Mexico
There's been a real explosion in obesity and diabetes in Mexico, largely because NAFTA has changed profoundly the country's food systems.

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