Nicaraguan journalists are threatened for reporting on government corruption.
The US  is trying to institute a Plan Central America which is expected to be announded this week. This will seek to address security issues across the region as the war on drugs continues.
The hacker activist group, Anonymous, has said it may attack media and government websites in Nicaragua and Venezuela because of pro-Gaddafi stance.
How can Latin America's 'revolutionary' leaders support Gaddafi? Those who came to power on the back of mass democratic movements cannot deny Libyans the right to topple a dictator, says Mike Gonzalez.
The London-based Nicaragua Solidarity campaign has prepared a simple guide to the November general elections.
In an article published before last Sunday's elections, WOLA analysed concerns about President Daniel Ortega's behaviour.
The London-based Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign explains the victory of Daniel Ortega.
Indigenous groups on the Atlantic coast and the Sandinistas are gradually learning how to live with each other. An interview with Michael Campbell from CEDEHCA.
According to a new report, hundreds of sugarcane workers are dying in Central America as a result of of a strange kidney disease, without any serious investigation being carried out as to the cause.
In this article (in Spanish), the author visits a region that two decades ago was at the centre of the fight between the Reagan-sponsored contras and the Sandinistas, and finds that the Miskito indians have not experienced much progress.

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