In the last of the series, Russell White looks at the geo-strategic implications of the Nicaraguan Canal and wonders why the United States has not been more vocal.
Dutch journalist Teake Zuidema gave a lift to some Nicaraguan police on their way to control demonstrations by farmers afraid of compulsory purchase and forced relocation.
One of the largest construction projects in the world, costing four times Nicaragua's annual GDP --so where is the money coming from?
Protest against Ortega's Canal project is concentrated in farms, communities and indigenous groups along the planned route.
Ecotastrophe or 200,000 jobs and a doubling of GDP? The Canal debate rages.
LAB launches a new series of articles by Russell White on Daniel Ortega's pet $50 billion project. The first examines the deep differences among the Sandinistas.
Warnings about the human and environmental costs of 'free trade' went unheeded. Now the most vulnerable Central Americans are paying the price.
Civil society organisations in Central America, one of the regions most affected by climate change, are calling on their governments to defend the interests of peasant families in the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Lima.
Filmed between 1985 and 1991 by the British director Marc Karlin (1943-1999)
Government secrecy and the threat to communities fuel opposition to this vast project.

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