Through a national campaign, the Maria Elena Cuadra women's movement (MEC) has succeeded in getting a new law passed to protect women from violence.
Between 2002 and 2010 poverty fell in Colombia, though less than in other Latin American countries. But the gaps, especially between the main urban centres and rural areas, widened.
At 75% the proportion of Nicaraguan children who complete primary school is the lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean, symbolising the multiple deprivations they suffer.
A photo essay: women denounce violence and demand a real commitment to women's rights.
In this blog from Managua, LAB editor Javier Farje, writes about the trials and tribulation of the Sandinistas who are not prepared to lay down the weapon of hope.
NSC works to promote mutual solidarity between Nicaragua and the UK.
The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) is a non-profit organization which works to promote the common interests of the hemisphere and encourage the formulation of rational and constructive US policies toward Latin America.
Not only Nicaragua, but Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica are all promoting 'wet' or 'dry' canal projects to join the two oceans. Chinese money is backing all of them.
The Isthmus is almost the last place on Earth where The People's Republic of China and Taiwan still compete for recognition.
Carlos Fonseca Teran, deputy leader of the Sandinista International Department and son of one of the founding members of the FSLN,talks to LAB's Nick Caistor.

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