Friday, August 17, 2018
A SOA Watch delegation finds 'grave irregularities' exercised by 'mafiosa-like powers'.
The UK's six largest supermarkets have quietly decided to allow more GM soya into the food chain, despite horrific evidence of the impact of the GM soya boom in Argentina.
Mothers from the bañados mudflats in Asunción, demonstrate against police ill-treatment of their children.
This video gives a flavour of the attitudes of prosperous Brazilian soya producers based in Paraguay.
LAB readers in the UK can obtain the Paraguay Reader at a discount by using the flyer below.
A former adviser to the two left-wing parties in Paraguay argues that the fact that Horacio Cartes was new to politics, coupled with the inadequacies of the left, allowed the Colorados to appear as the new kids on the block.
'Paraguayans are landless lodgers in their country, with no right to share in the country's production.' Fernando Martínez Escobar says that none of the candidates wanted to change the economic model that makes Paraguay a 'poverty factory'.
The President's downfall shows how hard it is to achieve change in a political system mired in the past.
After the 2012 Curuguaty massacre it's time to question the allegiances of US agencies.
Press photographer shot by motorcycle assassins: the second such killing this year.

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