Saturday, July 24, 2021
The Peru Support Group interviews a historic leader of Peru's left.
The Peru-Based Institute of Legal Defence held a conference in Lima to discuss the best way to remember the victims of the political violence during the terrible years of the Shinning Path and the abuses by the state.
Nick Caistor, from LAB, visited Susana during his recent tour in Peru.
In a letter to the Guardian, Francis McDonagh asks questions the influence of Brazil in neighbouring countries.

Ollanta Humana: Promising Start

Editorial from Peru Support Group.
In his Blog da Amazonia, the Brazilian journalist, Altino Machado, describes how paramilitaries from Peru have invaded land belonging to isolated Indians in Brazil.
South American finance officials are meeting in Lima to seek coordinated response to global economic crisis.
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, who took office on 28 July, faces a big challenge in regions where most of his votes come from.
The Peruvian elections have produced an unexpected result. Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori will face each other in the run-off. Anything could happen in an unusual electoral process.
In a talk at the London School of Economics (available as a podcast), former Bolivian President Carlos Mesa looks at political transitions in Latin America.

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