Sotrami, a gold mining company near Ayacucho has achieved Fair Trade certification.
How the media use Venezuela links to attack the left, in Spain, Peru and Mexico
In 1980, I was working for small weekly newspaper in my native Peru called Kausachum, a quechua word that means ‘Long life’. The editor was Augusto Zimmerman, an experienced journalist who had been the press chief of General Juan Velasco, former leader of an improbable left-wing military government from 1968 to 1975. One day, Luis González...
Communities on the Marañon river are planning resistance to hydro-electric projects being bull-dozed through by the government and the mining companies.
Without the bank, BNDES would not have been built. But this massive act of environmental hubris is fraught with problems.
BOOK REVIEW Chris Feliciano Arnold, The Third Bank of the River. New York: Picador 2018 This book has been classified as ‘travel-writing’, but it is much more than that. The author, Chris Feliciano Arnold, born in Brazil and adopted into a middle-class California family, tells the story of the Amazon river and its associated port-towns near the headwaters on the frontier...
Ollanta Humala promised to tackle the country's deep-seated social inequalities when he took over a year ago. But, says LAB's Javier Farje, his supporters are feeling bitterly disappointed.
NGO Climate Parliament has a vacancy in Santiago
Conflict is likely to sharpen in the Amazon area of south eastern Peru over plans to drill wells in Lot 88 home to the Kugapakori Nahua-Nanti reserve.
Fujimori pardon creates political havoc Main image: Protest in Lima on 26 December 2017 against pardon for Fujimori. Clip from live stream by RT España. This article was published by Peru Support Group. You can read the original here. Interview (in Spanish) with journalist  Gonzalo Ruiz Tovar (dpa) published 24 December 2017 as the new of Fujimori's release broke. Kuzynski has now lost...

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