Latin Americans in London are campaigning for official recognition as an ethnic minority

Chile: A Cartoon History

Re-issued for the 40th anniversary of the military coup in Chile, this Introduction to Chile by Chris Welch follows the style of Mexican cartoonist Rius.

Beyond El Dorado

An exhibition at London's British Museum explores the early societies in Colombia and the place of gold in their beliefs.
Former President Alvaro Uribe is critical of the current Colombian government's attempts to secure peace with the FARC guerrillas.
The Latin-London nine-piece band Wara have been making waves in the London gig and club scene over the past year, releasing their debut album Leave to Remain in July and embarking on their first UK tour earlier this year.
A British documentary film about the student demonstrations in Chile in 2011.
Next week the FIFA World Cup tournament starts in Brazil and many Brazilians don't seem to be very happy about the world biggest football carnival coming to town.
UK-based Philosophy Football has a new T-shirt for the World Cup, based on a Brazilian design with the motto:

LAB explained

LAB Editor Nayana Fernandez describes LAB's 37 years of commitment and service to human rights and social progress in Latin America


The most active Latin American events organisation in the UK

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