Friday, July 20, 2018
Maya and Garifuna communities are resisting over-zealous national park regulation and encroaching oil exploration
May 25 is the National Day of Dignity for Women Victims of Sexual Violence, but progress is limited.
Director Lola Arias' new play puts on stage six veterans of the Malvinas conflict
A new book from LAB tells the graphic story of the women of a Nicaraguan peasant family over 5 decades
Protestors in London and other cities say 'No to the coup' and 'No impeachment'.
The Munduruku Indians living along the Tapajos river in the Brazilian Amazon demand the right to be before fully consulted before an academic study is carried out in their villages.
A London conference on climate change and human rights in Latin America organised by ILAS and LAB


The most active Latin American events organisation in the UK

LAB explained

LAB Editor Nayana Fernandez describes LAB's 37 years of commitment and service to human rights and social progress in Latin America
UK-based Philosophy Football has a new T-shirt for the World Cup, based on a Brazilian design with the motto:

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