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ILAS, London, may be closed down

The Institute of Latin American Studies ILAS, which is part of the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, stands at the...

Argentina: Chubut communities unite against the mines

Chubut, Argentina. Communities engaged in a battle against mining giant Pan American Silver have their own local and national government to contend with as short-sighted politicians hail mining as the panacea for development shortfalls.

Britain and the southern cone dictatorships

Britain and the Dictatorships of Argentina and Chile 1973-82: Foreign Policy, Corporations and Social Movements by Grace Livingstone, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. ISBN: 978-3-030-08666-4 Reviewed for...

CIIR/Progressio – Seeds of Solidarity

Progressio, formerly CIIR, the Catholic Institute for International Relations, closed in June 2017 after 76 years of campaigning for social justice across the...

“An act of political vandalism”

Christian Aid responds to prospect of DFID losing its independence LAB adds: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to parliament on 16 June that DFID,...

Lost in translation – UK Latin Americans’ language poverty

This article relies on detailed research by Cathy McIlwaine and Diego Bunge at Queen Mary, University of London. It was carried out in partnership...

Voices at El Sueño Existe, 2019

LAB was present at Wales’ own Latin America Festival, called El Sueño Existe, held in Machynlleth every other year since 2001. We had...

Protecting the Amazon rainforest: make indigenous communities the priority

Commenting on UK prime minister Boris Johnson's announcement of new funding to tackle deforestation in the Amazon, Christian Aid’s Bolivia country ...

The power of the first generation without hope

In May, I gave a talk at Harvard University on the Amazon and creating futures and I closed it by saying that hope, like...

Protest at the Mines & Money Conference, London

Documentary by Zoe Broughton for London Mining Network, detailing the protests at the annual industry conference on mining. Frontline defenders from Global Majority, including...

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