Saturday, September 18, 2021
Hundreds demonstrate in Montevideo against large London-based iron ore project
Large-scale commercial farming, particularly of soya, is imposing GMOs and destroying rural livelihoods.
A new book by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano illustrates human potential through poems, tales, histories and observation.
We support community action on HIV, health and human rights in order to bring about an end to AIDS. Our vision is of a world in which communities have brought an end to HIV transmission and secured their health and human rights.
The removal of a key judge from criminal cases is a victory for impunity and apologists for the dictatorship
A new edition of Faces of Latin America, a vital source of information on Latin America, has been published.
“Two centuries of workers’ gains thrown into the garbage can” says the famous Uruguayan writer.
The Brics countries, including Brazil, are planning to set up their own development bank. Does this spell the end of the era of the IMF and the World Bank?
A documentary made by Friends of the Earth in Uruguay reveals the suffering among the rural population in Uruguay, because of the indiscriminate spraying of herbicides. Raúl Zibechi reports.
Forensic anthropologists in Uruguay find human remains buried in a field next to the base of Army Batallion 14.

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