Bulletin 23 February 2010

Argentina: President criticises the UK and expects regional support ♦ Latin America Summit: Colombia and Venezuela clash, again ♦ Latin America: An OAS without the Americans? ♦ Colombia: local currency in good health ♦ Brazil:


Venezuela leaves human rights organisation ♦ Colombia: Constitutional court says no Uribe re-election ♦ Telefónica increases profits ♦ Uruguay and the ethical house
An interview with William Robinson, Professor of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara
The election is not until September but, says Mark Weisbrot, the international campaign to delegitimise the government has already begun.
The Pentagon is determined to get rid of Hugo Chavez in 2010, say Nil Nikandrov from Global Research.
In a controversial article Rory Carroll reports on accusations of corruption made against Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. 
Steve Ellner analyses ten years of Hugo Chávez and Chavismo.
Juan Forero, from the Washington Post, argues that the country is paralysed by the crisis. 
Mark Weisbrot replies to Juan Forero, arguing that the scale of Venezuela's economic crisis has been wildly exaggerated. 
Samuel Grove discusses the western media's demonization of Chavez in the context of violent crime in Venezuela.

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