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“Creaction Amazónica”

The Amazon rainforest, as the heart of the planet, radiates energy and creativity to face the collapse of the climate. The Amazon is not only air, water, biodiversity, but also synthesizes the memory of those who came before us and hope for a life in harmony with ourselves, with all human beings and with all the creation...
The full report of the Media Analysis conducted for the Indigenous Brazil Violated project can now be viewed or downloaded from the link below: Indigenous Brazil Violated Media Analysis ReportDownload

Bolsonaro — the new Jim Jones

Jim Jones was an American preacher  who in 1978 led thousands of his followers to move from the USA to Guyana and then commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool aid. Main image: An area of illegal deforestation near Apuí, south Amazonas state, taken in August 2020. Image: Bruno Kelly/Amazônia Real.
Plans to build a massive EHV 230 kV power line 225 kms long from Óbidos in Pará state across the Amazon river to Parintins in Amazonas state, are being rushed through without prior consultation with the quilombola and riverine communities that will be affected. The power company applied for the provisional environmental permit to be set aside...
The Yanomami Park covers 37,000 square miles in the Brazilian Amazon on the Venezuelan border; it is inhabited by 27,000 Yanomami. Soaring gold prices have resulted in a massive ongoing invasion of the indigenous territory by gold miners who are well supported with monetary backing, heavy equipment and aircraft.On 3 July, a federal judge issued an emergency...
Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN), the world’s fourth largest bauxite producer, encroached on riverine communities beside the Trombetas River in the Brazilian Amazon in the 1970s. Over the years, MRN became notorious for its contamination of local waters with bauxite mining waste, residents say.To resolve that problem, the company built 26 tailings dams. The largest of these...
AHRC funded Project: “Challenges and Risks Faced by Indigenous Peoples in Today’s Brazil: Unpacking Vulnerability and Multiple Reactions" Following the original research plan, the activities of the project started in February 2020 with a meeting of the research team at Unicamp (Brazil) and an additional (virtual) meeting of the Steering Group in April.
Brazilian partners in the Indigenous Brazil Violated project, led by Dr Jones Goettert, collected food and cleaning/sanitizing products and delivered them to Guarani-Kaiowá communities. The delivery was arranged and funded by the IBV project.
Frontiers of Development in the Amazon: Riches, Risks, and Resistances contributes to ongoing debates on the processes of change in the Amazon, a region inherently tied to the expansion of internal and external socio-economic and environmental frontiers. This book offers interdisciplinary analyses from a range of scholars in Europe, Latin America, and the United States that question...
ABSTRACT: Frontiers of national development and agricultural expansion constitute spaces of intense interaction, disputes and contestation. The Brazilian economy continues to largely rely on the opening of agribusiness frontiers in the west of country and, similar to what happened in the past, this is a phenomenon shaped by acute racism and discrimination against the Indigenous population. This...

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