Sunday, January 16, 2022
Illegal mining poisons the Amazon A new film by Jorge Bodansky analyzes the mercury contamination of Amazonian rivers as a result of illegal mining Renowned Brazilian filmmaker Jorge Bodansky will preview his new film “Amazonia: the new Minamata?” on 1 February, during the International Colloquium “Amazonia: Rising Violence and Disturbing Trends”, in the Department of International Development at the University of Oxford....
A general article from Reuters; focus is largely on RO and other regions of Brazil
Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Covers the history of contact between the Korubos with whites and other indigenous groups - along with the increasing threats they face from garimpeiros and poachers

Eles estão desesperados’

Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Discusses the weakening of Funai - with contributions from former Funai president Sydney Possuelo and former Funai coordinator in Tabatinga Bruno Pereira

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