Frontiers of Development in the Amazon: Riches, Risks, and Resistances contributes to ongoing debates on the processes of change in the Amazon, a region inherently tied to the expansion of internal and external socio-economic and environmental frontiers. This book offers interdisciplinary analyses from a range of scholars in Europe, Latin America, and the United States that question...
An open letter signed by numerous indigenous leaders and organisations
Account of the impacts of 2019 forest fires on the Tenharin people of the south of Amazonas
Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Describes the multiple threats to the Marubos and the weakening of the infrastructure designed to protect them

Terra bruta

Introductory piece to a series of articles on rural violence. This article gives an overview of rural violence in Brazil - looking at the absence of the state and land-grabbing by armed militias

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