A general article from Reuters; focus is largely on RO and other regions of Brazil

Eles estão desesperados’

Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Discusses the weakening of Funai - with contributions from former Funai president Sydney Possuelo and former Funai coordinator in Tabatinga Bruno Pereira
Analysis of increasing threats to isolated tribes in the Vale do Javari and the weakening of the Funai infrastructure designed to protect them

Tropa de elite do Ibama

A piece about Ibama’s militarised special forces unit. Refers to operations in TI Sete de Setembro and collaboration between Paiter-Suruís and garimpeiros
Coverage of garimpo and illegal logging in the Rondônia/Mato Grosso borderlands including with the involvement of indigenous people

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