Sunday, September 19, 2021
As Covid-19 affects older people more fatally, many indigenous leaders are dying, taking with them precious knowledge
This article was first published by Mongabay on 27 May. You can read the original here.In April an official from IBAMA, Brazil’s environmental agency was violently assaulted by loggers and needed hospital treatment in Pará state. The incident was caught on video.The IBAMA operation was targeting illegal deforestation carried out by land grabbers, wishing to convert large areas of...
This article is part of the series: Dispatches from the pandemic, published on Somatosphere. Main image: CCPY doctor examines a sick Yanomami child, Balaú, Brazil. Image: Fiona Watson/Survival Two weeks ago, Kanari Kuikuro called me from Canarana, a small town in the Brazilian Amazon, where he now lives with his wife and many children. He is originally from the Xingu Indigenous Land,...
Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Discusses the threat posed by COVID-19 to the Parque Indígena do Xingu and the impacts of agrotoxins used by local soya farmers
This article originally appeared in Portuguese in the Portuguese newspaper O Público, on 2 April, here. The version published by Amazon Latitude, here, was translated for LAB by Theodora Bradford I will never forget the conversation I had two days ago with Rafael, a fisherman from the banks of the River Solimões, in the small and isolated town of Tabatinga, Brazil. His words...

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