Tuesday, December 12, 2017
23/06/16 NEW BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT IN CRISIS – COLOMBIA CEASEFIRE – LAB AT CROUCH END FESTIVAL Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, This month we have more analysis of the crisis in Brazil, with President Michel Temer having had – to say the least – a shaky start to government. Also from Brazil, we have news on the case against Dilma’s tormentor-in-chief Eduardo Cunha...
LAB is sponsoring a day of talks at the Crouch End Festival on June 18, and a meeting on Brazil's Crisis on June 20
24/05/16 DILMA’S IMPEACHMENT UNDERWAY IN BRAZIL; COLOMBIAN PEACE PROCESS; INTERVIEW WITH FORMER TUPAMARO Dear Lab Supporter and Friend, Brazil is still the big news this month, with the suspension of Dilma Rousseff from her duties by the Senate, the start of the formal impeachment trial and the appointment of Michel Temer as interim president. Jan Rocha blogs with all the latest. Also...
15/04/16 DILMA FACES IMPEACHMENT VOTE IN BRAZIL, MORE ON THE BNDES AND ROSA BOOK LAUNCH Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, The big news in Latin America this month comes from Brazil, with the political fate of President Dilma Rousseff hanging in the balance. Her impeachment, which even as little as a year ago seemed outlandish, is now looking increasingly likely. We have plenty...
14/03/16 THE PRICE OF PROGRESS IN BRAZIL, THE U.S ELECTIONS AND NEWS ON UPCOMING PUBLICATIONS   Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, This month we have the first in a fascinating series of blog posts from the Brazilian Amazon (accompanied by some beautiful photography) and the second in our six-part special on Brazil’s Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES), not to mention some timely...
Gwen Burnyeat on Colombian peace process / Russell White on Haitian elections / Sue Branford on the BNDES / Ali Rocha and Nayana Fernandez on the MPL / Interview with Ernesto Benítez
Marcela López Levy's on Macri's election / OpenDemocracy article / Gwen Burnyeat on Colombian peace process and her own students / Nick Caistor on Mexican democracy and Carlos Slim / Catherine Morgans on environmental devastation in Brazil
This newsletter presents Jan Rocha's coverage of the ongoing political crisis in Brazil, two blog posts from Gwen Burnyeat from Colombia and an analysis of the situation in Venezuela ahead of the December parliamentary elections by Coromoto Power Febres.
The first of a new LAB series of Special Reports, this title, by Sue Branford and Jan Rocha, charts the decline of the PT --from euphoria to despair.
A searing work that hovers between memoir and novel, ‘K’ describes the ordeal endured by the author’s father as he sought clues to the disappearance of his daughter in the 1970s at the hands of the country’s dictatorship.

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