Mining and Social Conflict

This year has seen a seemingly endless tide of bad news about mining from every continent on the globe.
In our newsletter of September 7 (see here) we discussed institutional and academic views of inequality. Here we look at views from civil society. at a grass roots level.
This Newsletter is the first of two we will devote to the topic of inequality, a key issue for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Microfinance 2

Our July 20 newsletter on Microfinance has sparked a lively debate.


The elections in Mexico on July 1 saw the return of the PRI to power.


The extraordinarily rapid removal of President Fernando Lugo from office on 22 June took everyone by surprise.
Our slender hopes of the Rio+20 conference were duly disappointed and the NGOs’ fears proved to be all too well founded.
Many of us would still like to hope that Rio+20, the big UN climate conference that is beginning in Rio de Janeiro, can still achieve something of importance.


Latin America has always had a vigorous and challenging cultural life.
This week, thanks to LAB collaborator Bruna Rocha, we are turning our attention to the struggles of a host of small communities along the basin of the river Tapajós in the Brazilian Amazon.

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