Friday, August 19, 2022

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Brazil: indigenous conflicts in Amazonas and Maranhao

While the village of the Tenharim indians has been invaded by settlers in the state of Amazonas,settlers in the state of Maranhão on the other side of the Amazon basin have finally being ordered to leave the reserve of the Awá indians.

Is Mexico an emerging economic superpower?

The BBC recently depicted Mexico as one of the next generation of economic superpowers. Mexican sociologist Luis Vazquez expresses a certain scepticism.

Argentina: explosion in land conflicts

Almost a quarter of the country's farming families are involved in a land dispute, largely because of the massive takeover of land by the soy plantations.

Machine guns and development

Minguarana Producciones, the latest LAB Partner, have submitted their first blog, which tells the story of the Amazonian hamlet of Mangabal, which is the subject of a documentary film they are working on.

Ecuador wins a partial victory in its battle with Chevron

An Ecuadorean court has upheld the ruling that Chevron must pay for the environmental damage it has caused, but reduced the amount by more than half.

Colombia: the perils of reclaiming land

Colombian community leaders face threats and attacks, as the case of a community in the Choco region shows.

Mexico Celebrates “Carnival of Corn”

Day of action to pay homage to maize and to reject GMOs


Among the most sensitive indicators of global climate change, these glaciers have shrunk by at least 30% over the last 30 years. Paul Brown, from Climate News Network, reports.

Honduras: direct intervention

On 11 May 2012 US and Honduran soldiers shot a group of Miskito Indians from a helicopter, claiming they were involved in drug-trafficking. Berta Cáceres from COPINH says that the indigenous community is under seige.

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