Sunday, May 26, 2024

Churches & Religion

Robert White: A US ambassador who fought against CIA policy in...

US Ambassador to Paraguay and El Salvador, Robert White, who has died aged 88, was sacked by the Reagan administration.

Catholic Church: Moving mountains

Pope Francis faces a challenge to the Church's commitment to the rural poor and the environment, especially in Argentina. Will it challenge the power of the big mining corporations?

Catholic Church: Pope Francis goes back to the future

Signs that the new Pope has revived the spirit of Vatican II and rehabilitated parts of Liberation Theology -- so important in Latin America.

El Salvador: Archbishop’s changing story about Tutela Legal closure

Archbishop Escobar Salas keeps changing his story about the closure of key human rights organisation Tutela Legal.

El Salvador: closure of human rights office threatens vital archives

Tutela Legal, the leading human rights organisation in El Salvador has been abruptly closed down by Archbishop Escobar Alas.

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