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Cholet – the Work of Freddy Mamani, who built Salas de...

Documentary film, one hour long, showing the  Salas de Eventos - over 60 in number - that have been designed and built by Freddy...

Violence in Rio escalates with murder of city councillor

Little did she know that she would be the next victim when Marielle Franco, a left-wing city councillor, penned her last twitter post, denouncing...

The four bullets that killed Marielle

22 March 2018. Marielle Franco was executed with four bullets. One each for racism, misogyny, homophobia and impunity. By killing Marielle, the assassins eliminated not...

Covid-19 in Latin America – 5 June update

By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse, with additional material from Peru & Haiti Support Groups UK and LAB correspondents in the region.LAB has...

Marielle: she inspired all of us

0 Video: The intercept The murder on 14 March of Marielle Franco, a young black city councillor and human rights campaigner, has deeply traumatized Rio de...

Colombia: stairway storytellers in Medellín

Sulay Pino is waiting for us at the main entrance to the San Javier metro station wearing a bright green t-shirt that reads ‘Stairway...

Brazil: Fachin’s list: the Odebrecht earthquake

Sâo Paulo. April 19. The sheer scale and volume of the gigantic bribery operation that has been bankrolling the entire infrastructure of Brazilian politics...

Rio de Janeiro: This land is our land

What do you do if you’re living on public land, in a house that your great-grandparents built in an era before strict housing regulations,...

Brazil: migrants are returning to the North-East

Reversing a long-standing pattern, migrants are coming back from São Paulo and Rio to smaller cities in Pernambuco and other north-eastern states.

Haiti — the battle for paradise

Local residents in the idyllic island of Île-à-Vache are fighting back as greedy politicians try to take over their island off the coast of Haiti.

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