El cambio climático está afectando a América Latina. Lea cómo y qué se puede hacer para evitar el desastre.

COP15: The Other Summit

It is cold in Copenhagen, but nobody gets fooled: climate change is a reality.
Cues of official delegates and dancing protesters. A summit to remember
Tomás Raraceno is in Copenhagen sharing is art and warning about climate change.
The UN Summit on Climate Change failed. But, how did Latin America perform in Copenhagen?
Nick Buxton, from the Transnational Institute (TNI), provides a spirited response to accusations that Bolivia 'hijacked' the negotiations.

Bulletin 17 February 2010

Argentina: President revives the ghost of the Falklands ♦ Brazil: Presidential candidate proposes radical programme ♦ Venezuela to reconsider offer of electricity supplies from Colombia ♦ Argentina: local currency sinks ♦ Guatem


Venezuela leaves human rights organisation ♦ Colombia: Constitutional court says no Uribe re-election ♦ Telefónica increases profits ♦ Uruguay and the ethical house
 Huge pressure is being put put on Bolivia and Ecuador. John Vidal reports.

Bolivia defies threats

Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, condemns attempts to impose deeply flawed Copenhagen accord.

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