The Putumayo Atrocities

The story of the near-extermination of indigenous communities in the early 1900s at the hands of the Peruvian Amazon Company.
An astonishing catalogue of images posted on social media which turn out to be crude fakes, borrowed from other events in other countries.
24 January. With the new year in Colombia came a new sentence from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, holding the state responsible for human rights violations committed in the context of ‘Operation Orion’. In this Operation, the army, together with the ‘Cacique Nutibarra’ bloc of the AUC paramilitary organisation, stormed the marginalised slum neighbourhood ‘Comuna 13’ in Medellín,...
A dramatic fall in gang-initiated killings masks ongoing violence against women.
Government action is failing lamentably to protect Mexican women from a wave of violence and femicide.
A new initiative is being made in Bogota to help women stand up to machismo and to get men to change their behaviour
Where demobilisation of the FARC may leave a dangerous vacuum and increased violence

Mega-events and prostitution

The main danger of violence to sex-workers during major sporting events is from the police, not the punters.
Brazilians began the New Year in the most terrible way, with images of piles of headless, dismembered corpses, the result of a savage massacre in an Amazon prison. The photos were put on social media by the murderers themselves, in boastful celebration of their bloody crimes. On New Year’s Day, 56 prisoners died in the Anísio Jobim prison on the...
One of the most important official documents of the last century, listing a long series of crimes and human rights violations inflicted on indigenous groups during the military dictatorship, has just been unearthed.

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