Friday, October 20, 2017
The results of the election mark the end of a political era.
Despite the severity of the recent mining disaster in Minas Gerais, the government could pass today (25 November) a bill further weakening environmental licensing legislation.
Little has emerged of the 'great transformation' promised by Ollanta Humala when he was elected in June 2011.
China's growing willingness to engage with Latin America could transform the region, argues Raul Zibechi.
While the Evo Morales government knows it must boost agriculture, it needs to reconcile the demands of two very different groups -- the big farmers and the campesionos
Local residents in the idyllic island of Île-à-Vache are fighting back as greedy politicians try to take over their island off the coast of Haiti.
Despite far-reaching social reforms, the Bolivian economy still depends on an environmentally damaging extractive industry
A fascinating article by a US investigative journalist argues convincingly that Nisman was not murdered because he had irrefutable proof that Iran and the Argentina government were covering up those behind the AMIA bombing.
One of the largest construction projects in the world, costing four times Nicaragua's annual GDP --so where is the money coming from?
Protest against Ortega's Canal project is concentrated in farms, communities and indigenous groups along the planned route.

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