Monday, September 24, 2018
Younger Chileans seem remarkably unbothered by the continuation of a constitution framed under the dictatorship.


Helps bridge the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca, a Quechua district in southern Peru
The South American nation reached the goal after following the programme "Yes I Can" designed by Cuba.
It will soon be two years since the PRI returned to power and people from different walks of life are already fed up with the lack of progress in the economy and education. LAB editor Javier Farje reports from Mexico City
A textbook from the Escuelita, the Zapatista 'little school', to help you learn about autonomous government.
A British documentary film about the student demonstrations in Chile in 2011.
CLAUK is a coalition of Latin American organisations campaigning for official recognition of their community as an ethnic minority, for better access to health services and labour rights.
A summer exhibition at London's Royal Academy explores the art and photography produced during the years of revolution in Mexico from 1910-1940.
Ahead of the presidential primary elections, school students occupied school premises due to be used as polling stations.
The autonomous movement that spearheaded the Brazilian protests took direct inspiration from the horizontal model of Mexico’s Zapatista communities.

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