Sunday, September 19, 2021
Renowned Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska reflects on the current situation in Mexico, eight months on from the disappearance of 43 student teachers in Ayoztinapa in the state of Guerrero, and the sacking of a prominent journalist.
Central American feminist María Suárez Toro explains how women have decided 'that they are not going to be represented by the boys'.
A summer exhibition at London's Royal Academy explores the art and photography produced during the years of revolution in Mexico from 1910-1940.
It will soon be two years since the PRI returned to power and people from different walks of life are already fed up with the lack of progress in the economy and education. LAB editor Javier Farje reports from Mexico City
LAB received this report from a long-term friend and supporter in Chile. Santiago, 1 November Dear friends at LAB, our country received so much help from you in its struggle to regain democracy, that I decided to send you this mini-report. After all, what are friends for? The thing to ask about the recent social explosion in Chile is ‘why didn’t this...
LAB's Claudia Pompa reports on how the Centro Educativo Mbaracayu (CEM), located in the Mbaracayi Forest Biosphere Reserve in north-east Paraguay, educates and trains girls from rural communities to become 'rural and environmental entrepreneurs'.
This is a government obsessed with Simón Bolivar, writes Javier, in his last post from the country.
Relatives of the victims are threatening to break off all talks with the government, for failing to clarify what happened to their loved ones.
A few minutes from Maracanã stadium, urban Indigenous village struggles to save an historical building in danger as Brazil's World Cup approaches
EmpoderArte, a Peruvian-based NGO which offers a decentralised film education to women, Karoline organises and runs workshops up and down Peru, mobilising hundreds of women to discover and embrace the emancipatory power of storytelling.

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