Sunday, August 1, 2021

Another Chile is Possible

Chilean students have long questioned the country's education system, decrying it for being commercial and elitist.
Brazilian high school student Ana Julia gives a speech about the school occupations in Brazil. "Over the past 24 hours , Brazil has become acquainted with what many Brazilians believe is the most promising voice it has heard in years. And remarkably, it is the voice of a 16-year-old girl named Ana Júlia Ribeiro. In...
Daughters of rural families find that work as maids in the city is no route to education and independence
Highly respected Colombian human rights activist, Jesuit Javier Giraldo Moreno, has published an open letter criticising the appointment of former president Alvaro Uribe as professor at the Jesuit University of Georgetown, Washington DC.
This week UN delegates meeting in New York are evaluating progress made in achieving the MDGs. Amnesty International has produced three radio programmes in Spanish.
Scholars for Academic Freedom in Brazil was set up in late 2018 with the aim of building a network of academics in UK universities and beyond, to raise awareness of attacks on academics and academic freedom in Brazil. Group member and LAB trustee David Treece outlines the changes during Bolsonaro's presidency that have brought about the group's creation.
Chile's market-based education system premised on choice and competition serves as a cautionary tale for privatization. Rather than investing in public schools to create social mobility, school vouchers widen the chasm between privilege and poverty. Video: AFTHQ 2013.
LAB received this open letter from the Teachers of the EEB (State Basic Education School) Padre Anchieta,  Florianópolis, to  School Community, March 2021. Main image: face-to-face teaching allowed in São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, following recommendation by the Ministry – Phooto: Divulgacão/O Trentino/ND Reopening schools will mean more infections We, teachers at EEB Padre Anchieta, Florianópolis, are concerned with the health...
In 'Animales Extintos', Lucas Quintana takes a closer look at the cultures within which machismo exists, offering a sensitively rendered vision of the toxicity of certain male friendships, and their potentially noxious consequences.

Dive, Tierra Bomba, Dive

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive, made in 2020 by The Right to Roam Films, tells the story of 19-year-old Yassandra Barrios, who emerges as the environmental leader of her Colombian island, Tierra Bomba, home to the Varadero Reef.

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