Monday, December 6, 2021
Promising improvements in the Human Development Index of the region but there is still great inequality says 20th Human Development Report released by the United Nations Development Programme.

Brazil on the global stage

Lamia Qualalou, a journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, looks at Lula's ambitions for Brazil on the global stage.

Bulletin 8 February 2010

 Costa Rica elects first woman president ♦ Venezuela: Chávez expropriates landmark buildings ♦ Argentina: former President has emergency heart operation ♦ Brazil: interest rates set to go up ♦ Colombia: forest fires threaten nat
In December 2008, Bolivia was declared to be 'free from illiteracy' - the third country to do so in Latin American and the Caribbean after Cuba and Venezuela. Now Honduras is set to achieve the same landmark within the next ten months... This a

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