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Peru: Castillo is gone, but can Boluarte survive?

President Castillo's doomed attempt to dissolve Congress led to his immediate impeachment and arrest. Vice President Dina Boluarte took over, but faces mass protests and a broadly hostile Congress. Can she survive?

Brazil: forward to the future or back to the past?

With Bolsonaro AWOL and his supporters claiming electoral fraud, fomenting violence and trying to provoke a military coup, Lula and the PT face massive difficulties and levels of polarisation remain extremely high

Brazil: Lula elected, no coup, Bolsonaro isolated

Lula's narrow victory in Brazil's second-round presidential election on November 30 raised fears of a coup. Jair Bolsonaro initially declined to recognize the result and waited to see if his supporters would stage an insurrection. Lorry blockades gradually dispersed, however, and the army remained passive. Brazilian democracy looks safe at least for the present.

Brazil: pictures of a polarized diaspora

Interviews with Brazilians resident in the UK, as they queue to vote in their country's second round presidential election on 30 October. Sharp polarization is in evidence here, as at home

Brazil: Lula wins

Lula has won the Brazilian presidential election, gaining an agonizingly slim majority (50.9%) in the second round run-off on Sunday 30 October

Brazil elections: a harsh lesson for the left

The 2 October first-round in Brazil's presidential election was a political victory for Bolonaristas, although their man still faces Lula in the second round on 30 October. The left underestimated the dangers. If Lula is elected, he will face a much more hostile senate and a country polarised.

Brazil: Lula on course for first round victory

Brazil's presidential election looks very likely to deliver a first round victory for Lula. Will Bolsonaro, like Trump, attempt to discredit the voting, or work to sabotage the new governmdent.

Chile: why was the new constitution rejected?

Why did such a large majority of Chileans (62%) reject the new draft constitution in the plebiscite on 4 September? Emily Gregg analyses the salient reasons and asks, if not like this, then how is change to be effected?

Brazil: letter for democracy

Recalling the famous 1977 Letter for Democracy, the 2022 Carta pela Democracia has gathered more than a million signatures from lawyers, academics, trade unionists, black leaders, business leaders and trades unionists -- all warning against any attempt by Bolsonaro to stage a coup if he should lose the presidential election

Colombia has awakened

Despite everything – the media, the fear mongering, the status quo – Petro won. Omar Rincón unpicks the recent Colombian elections.

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