Friday, August 19, 2022


Mexico: the president is doing well, but the country is not

This article was translated for LAB by Fuschia Fowke. You can read the original in Spanish here. Preparations for Mexico’s 2020/21 elections began at...

Bolivia: MAS is back

LAB is publishing this special bulletin from Bolivia Information Forum. Written on 19 October, before final results were known, it nevertheless contains details of...

Chile: Are you really not going to vote?

Splendidly Chilean video from #ganadecambiarestepaisculiao and EstoNoParaNo, urging young people to vote in the 25 October plebiscite to determine whether a new constitution will be drawn up and, if so, by what method.

A year of Chile’s estallido social in pictures

Luis Bustamante's images of Chile's estallido social - which began on October 18, 2019, now a whole year ago - speak for themselves. Most were taken of protesters in Santiago around Plaza Baquedano, renamed by protestors as Plaza de la Diginidad. Others cover graffiti and stencil work that popped up during this period, taken in a range of Chilean cities.

Chile Edges Closer to Historic Vote

Chile's constitution is a legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship and has come to symbolise the embedded inequalities that sparked a year of mounting popular...

The world below grows in silence

This important article was originally published in Spanish in August 2019 (read the original here). Cristina Flores has translated it for LAB as...

Suriname: Bouterse loses power.

Main video: President Desi Bouterse casting his vote on Monday 25 May at a polling station in Paramaribo, 'President Bouterse has fulfilled his civic...

Bolivia facing up to Covid-19: some achievements, some failures

Main image: La Paz, with the Illimani mountain in the background. Source: EEJCC / CC 4.0, Wikimedia. N.B. Statistics for infection and death-rates shown in...

Bolivia: will women hold onto their gains?

This article was written in early March, before the effects of Covid-19 virus became clear. Since then the national elections scheduled for 3 May have been postponed,...

Bolivia: things become clearer

This article was published by Bolivia Information Forum as BIF Bulletin No.48, 7 March 2020 Weblinks to BIF Bulletins are also available through the...

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